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At Handcrafted Workshop, we take pride in ourselves for offering the most unique and stylish homewares and gift ideas. We provide gifts for all occasions, offering both functionality and style. Covering a range of items, we offer our clients the option to customize their purchase to their hearts desire. Browse our website at your leisure to find the best products for your loved ones, business or yourself. .

Gifts & Homewears

Capturing the essence of your home, our homewares and gifts collection will only add to your life. You can choose one of our stylish items to turn your house to a home you always wanted. If it is a gift you are looking for then why not start at Homecrafted Workshop. We have tons of excellent items that are both practical and stylish. You can talk to one of friendly staff members to help find gifts for your events or favourite people. We are always ready to help!

Vinyl Products

Thoughtfully selected items, keeping colour and pattern preferences at the forefront, we offer a one-stop shop solution for all your vinyl needs. Whether you want to get a personalized banner created for a party or a campaign or advertising pop-up banners, we promise to deliver excellent quality, at the most reasonable price. We create custom vinyl prints, built to your specifications. You can take charge of your own design, get a single or multiple prints, in a size of your choice, in the time frame you want. We also provide fully customized printed Heat Transfer Vinyl (HTV) vinyl that can easily be pressed on to clothes, for customers who wish to do it themselves.


If you are a business wanting to enhance your brand, we can help you with that also! Choose from our exclusive range of merchandise and pick one that resonated with your theme and we can help turn it into a branded item you can cherish for years. High quality and useful products that can go a long way, and keep adding to your brand till they last. So browse our website today and get anything you want customized, at a fraction of the price today!


We specialise in custom cutting of Acrylic blanks, MDF or birch plywood, you can choose from a range of shapes to add a personal touch to any of the handcrafted pieces you love. Here, you can order blank shapes at wholesale prices that can easily be customized at home, using a vinyl cutter or sublimation printer. A perfect place for small home-based craft businesses that need craft blanks carved out of acrylic, MDF and plywood, to produce their products. You can always talk to our customer representatives to get a quoted generated for your specific order.


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